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February 24, 2011

Next year on this date I hope to have met goals and helped my family to gain personally, financially, and build their confidence.

As a parent, you are always putting in time. If you don’t do it right the first time, you try again. Even if you did put a lot of time in at the beginning. Some things we don’t understand and they seem overwhelming as we’re going through them. It’s been almost 33 years ago that I was first married and 32 years ago I first became a Mom. Have I learned anything? I hope!

Everything seems to be of a priority, but most likely the first things are to make sure I’m right. So here is my list and for the next year, I’ll record the progress. And as I go, the order of things may change.

1-Get healthier, i.e. lose weight, exercise more, and reduce the meds I’m taking by getting my blood sugar levels
2-Create more income.
3-Pay off credit card debt and truck if possible. Saturday I’ll make a list of bills and the payoff schedule. Today, I’ll consider what needs to be done, but I have many errands.
4-Help Marin find a job.
5-Help Brandon find a job that he can keep for awhile.
6-Encourage Josh to find a better paying job and get training if necessary.
7-Get the boys moved out of Grandma’s so they are on their own.
8-Help everyone organize money and food, so things aren’t as tough.

These are the things I think about constantly. Above all, teach them more about love of oneself.

I have a year. I keep giving myself goals, but somehow putting it down on paper feels like a step forward.

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