December 21st 2011

Do we keep our goals in our head? Or do the ones in our head change from day to day? I’m not sure, however, I know what needs to be done, but just how.

I perused the goals I’d made over a year ago. Have I managed to stay on track? Perhaps with one, but I’ve learned along the way. Knowledge isn’t really power, that’s only half way there. Effectively, applied knowledge is the key. That is what takes the work.

So, this is just a review for me because I need to dissect the goals and find what is or isn’t working and what is a hopeless cause.

One of the goals was to make more money. Well, I suppose if I was making ten dollars more a month, that’s more, but that isn’t exactly what I meant. More is vague just like tall, short, and oh well. Defining the goal and then finding a way to achieve it is how I apply my knowledge.

Make more money to pay off bills. That is almost a 2 or 3 parter. First determine the amount you need that will give you what you’re looking for. So the amount I need to make, for now, is $3,000 each month. That is net, not gross. I know what it will take and I know what I need to pay things off faster.

I tried working another job. That bombed. It’s almost like I need something that will pay more and less hours. A raise in pay at the Census works and another survey that will give me about 50 extra hours a month would be good. However, it won’t be enough in the long run, but the next thing may be that I’ll need to make that enough. I’ll re-evaluate later.

This is later and still, I’m muddled. However, through Christmas I’ve learned…


About 1byline

I love learning and traveling. I enjoy my job and my dream job is to be a paid published writer. I love being a mom too. I enjoy summer activities, gardening, swimming, hiking, camping, star watching, hot summer days, walking, and even sleeping under the stars. My music tastes fit my moods. I love the classics from long hair to rock and roll. The other genres are jazz, bluegrass, country, and some soft stuff. I can listen to acoustic guitar or piano music nonstop. My reading includes biography, some novels, non-fiction, classics, and self-help spiritual reading. I love comedy too. I love laughing.
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