Something has to Change

This title is a cliché, however, it’s true.

I spend too much time feeding everyone’s animals. Let them run away. Who cares? Don’t even plant crops cause they wilt when you finally get to them. Facebook has it’s hold on me and I have to get out. I will extricate myself slowly. I have some goals in mind or changes.

I’ve heard many times 2 things–one is that doing the same thing and expecting different results is insanity and I believe that. The other is that to change one thing, you need to replace it with another.

My goals and wants are simple, but yet it’s hard to break old habits. I need an early morning job or to find someone who will pay for me to write or even input data into a computer. I need to supplement my income and still be available for my regular job. I also need to get more exercise–you know, eat less, work out more. Same as make more money and spend less. Mother by less involvement–empower the children more.

Less and more only work out if you do less of the things holding you back and more of the things that will propel you to how you really imagine your life to be.

What do we want our lives to be. Well, I suppose right here is where I will explore what I want. I’ll use it daily to notate changes I make or even the moments I fall back. Something will change and for the better. In essence, I’m looking to empower and inspire those around me–i.e., kids, mother, spouse, step kids, and even friends and co-workers. I enjoy helping and being a sounding board.

So, day 1 it’s all about organization. I have a lot of work to be done and can’t start most of it till 9am. I have 2 hours to go, but I’ll spend 30 minutes of that time getting ready for work.

In the meantime–some exercise is needed because that’s the important thing. Yes, I can get more exercise during the day, but it may rain and I don’t belong to a gym (more on that later).

Each day I’ll chronicle what I’ve done to get where I want to be. The goals:

  1. Make more money, so that I can pay my bills and increase my cash flow. If you know the cost of money and cash flow, you can run any business. Run your household and personal finances as a business.
  2. Increase the production on my present job and increase my rating by 10%. (That’s as far as I can go with it, otherwise, I’d work to increase it more.)
  3. Lose weight–right now enough to fit into my summer clothes better. And to be younger next year.
  4. Be a paid writer–freelance or otherwise.
  5. Help my daughter to find a job and show her how to get to the job.
  6. Empower my kids to focus more, take care of their finances, and have more confidence in themselves.

Today is May 21, 2010. After exercise and getting dressed, the first thing I will do is change my phone plan, so that I will save maybe $20 a month, but it will increase cash flow. After all, I want to increase cash flow.

The next thing is to concentrate on my present job since I have a couple of deadlines and I want to get my work to 90% today, so I’m up to schedule. It’s been harder this month to accomplish that. I’m not sure why, but it has. The thing is, I will have to complete my work in record time, so my bosses will offer me more work. It’s amazing how many bosses I actually have. It gets to be confusing.

Everyone have a good day.


About 1byline

I love learning and traveling. I enjoy my job and my dream job is to be a paid published writer. I love being a mom too. I enjoy summer activities, gardening, swimming, hiking, camping, star watching, hot summer days, walking, and even sleeping under the stars. My music tastes fit my moods. I love the classics from long hair to rock and roll. The other genres are jazz, bluegrass, country, and some soft stuff. I can listen to acoustic guitar or piano music nonstop. My reading includes biography, some novels, non-fiction, classics, and self-help spiritual reading. I love comedy too. I love laughing.
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